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How to Manage Patient Reviews for Your Medical Practice

Published on
February 16, 2023
Last Updated
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/ Founder

Ah, the wonderful world of online reviews—where aesthetic medical professionals like you are subjected to the whims, complaints and love-bombing of the internet. 

Here's the thing: managing reviews is an art, and it's not just about addressing the negative ones. It's also essential to acknowledge the positive feedback and even remain vigilant against those deceptive fake reviews. 

In this article, we are going to delve into the intricacies of handling positive, negative, and fake reviews the right way. 

Our hope is that, by the time you finish reading, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to turn every piece of feedback into an opportunity for growth and improvement for your practice. Let’s get started.

Managing Positive Reviews

As a plastic surgeon or aesthetic medical professional, positive reviews can significantly boost your practice's reputation and help attract new clients. Effectively managing positive reviews is crucial for maintaining your online presence and nurturing relationships with satisfied clients. 

In this section, we'll discuss how to handle positive reviews in a way that promotes your practice and encourages client loyalty.

1. Express Gratitude

When a client leaves a positive review, it's essential to show your appreciation. A simple thank you goes a long way in acknowledging their effort and conveying your gratitude. Respond to each positive review with a genuine and personalized message to make your clients feel valued.

2. Personalize Your Response

A personalized response demonstrates that you've read and paid attention to their feedback. Address the reviewer by name and mention specific details from their review. This personal touch shows that you genuinely care about their experience and appreciate their kind words.

3. Showcase Expertise

Use positive reviews as an opportunity to highlight your practice's unique offerings and expertise. If a reviewer mentions a specific treatment or procedure that they enjoyed, provide some context or background information to emphasize the value and effectiveness of your services.

4. Encourage Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools for attracting new clients. Encourage your satisfied clients to recommend your practice to their friends, family, or colleagues. Gently suggest that they share their positive experience with others who might benefit from your services, helping to expand your reach and grow your client base.

5. Share Internally

Don't forget to share positive feedback with your team! Recognizing their hard work and dedication can boost morale and motivate them to maintain a high standard of service. Celebrate the successes together, and use the positive reviews as a reminder of the impact your practice has on clients' lives.


Express gratitude

Shows appreciation and acknowledge the reviewer's time and effort

"Thank you, Jane, for your kind review. We're thrilled to hear about your positive experience at our practice!"

Personalize response

Demonstrates genuine appreciation and create a connection with the reviewer

"Hi John, we're so glad you had a great experience with your rhinoplasty procedure. Thank you for sharing your feedback!"

Showcase expertise

Emphasizes the value and effectiveness of the practice's services

"We pride ourselves on our advanced liposuction techniques that offer minimal downtime and excellent results. Thank you for noticing!"

Encourage referrals

Expands the client base through word-of-mouth marketing and endorsements

"If you know anyone else who might benefit from our services, please don't hesitate to recommend us. We appreciate your support!"

Share internally

Boosts team morale and acknowledge their hard work and dedication

"Dr. Smith, our client Sarah left a glowing review about her experience with the facelift you performed. Great job!"

Managing Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can be challenging to handle, but they provide valuable insights into areas where your practice can improve. 

By addressing negative feedback professionally and effectively, you can turn these reviews into opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to client satisfaction and showcase your dedication to improvement.

1. Respond Promptly

Quickly responding to negative reviews shows that you prioritize customer satisfaction and take their concerns seriously. Aim to address the feedback as soon as possible, demonstrating your practice's responsiveness and commitment to resolving any issues.

2. Remain Professional

It's crucial to maintain a respectful and empathetic tone when addressing negative reviews. Avoid getting defensive or confrontational, as this can further escalate the situation. Instead, focus on understanding the client's perspective and finding a solution to their concerns.

3. Apologize and Acknowledge

Offer a sincere apology for any dissatisfaction or negative experiences the reviewer had with your practice. Even if you don't agree with their perspective, acknowledging their feelings and concerns demonstrates that you value their feedback and want to make things right.

4. Offer Solutions

Work with the reviewer to find a resolution to their concerns. This may involve offering a follow-up consultation, corrective treatment, or refund, depending on the situation. Providing a clear path to resolving the issue can help rebuild trust and show your dedication to client satisfaction.

5. Take the Conversation Offline

While it's essential to address the review publicly, encourage the reviewer to continue the conversation privately. Provide your contact information, so they can reach out to you directly to discuss their concerns and work towards a resolution. This approach allows for a more personal and in-depth conversation, while also demonstrating your commitment to finding a solution.

6. Learn from Feedback

Use negative reviews as an opportunity to learn and grow. Analyze the feedback to identify areas where your practice can improve its procedures and services. By addressing these concerns and making necessary changes, you can provide an even better experience for your clients in the future.


Respond promptly

Demonstrates commitment to client satisfaction and addressing concerns

"We're sorry to hear about your experience, and we appreciate your feedback. We'd like to address your concerns as soon as possible."

Remain professional

Maintains a respectful and empathetic tone to avoid escalating the situation

"We apologize for any inconvenience you faced during your visit. We understand your concerns and want to work with you to resolve them."

Apologize and acknowledge

Shows that you value the reviewer's feedback and care about their feelings

"We apologize for the discomfort you experienced after your surgery. We take your concerns seriously and want to make things right."

Offer solutions

Rebuilds trust by providing a clear path to resolving the issue

"Please contact our office to schedule a complimentary follow-up appointment, so we can address your concerns and discuss next steps."

Take the conversation offline

Allows for a more personal and in-depth conversation while demonstrating commitment to finding a solution

"We would like to discuss your experience further. Please call our office at (123) 456-7890, and we'll be happy to help."

Learn from feedback

Identifies areas of improvement and provide a better experience for future clients

"We appreciate your feedback on our wait times. We will work to improve scheduling and reduce wait times for all of our clients."

Managing Fake Reviews

Fake reviews can damage your practice's reputation and mislead potential clients. Although they can be frustrating to deal with, it's essential to approach them professionally and proactively. In this section, we'll discuss how to manage fake reviews and maintain your practice's online credibility.

1. Flag or Report

If you suspect a review is fake, report it to the review platform. Provide any evidence or reasoning to support your claim. Review platforms have procedures in place to handle fake reviews, and by reporting them, you help maintain the integrity of the platform and protect your practice's reputation.

2. Respond Professionally

When addressing a suspected fake review publicly, maintain a professional tone and explain that you are unable to verify the reviewer's experience with your practice. As a best course of action, treat the review as if it were a genuine negative review and address the concerns raised. This approach demonstrates your commitment to client satisfaction and transparency, even in the face of potentially fraudulent feedback.

3. Encourage Genuine Reviews

Counteract the impact of fake reviews by encouraging your satisfied clients to share their experiences. Genuine, positive reviews can help drown out any fake feedback and maintain your practice's positive online reputation. Make it easy for clients to leave reviews by providing clear instructions and links to review platforms.

4. Monitor Regularly

Stay vigilant by regularly monitoring your reviews. This allows you to identify and address fake reviews promptly, minimizing their impact on your practice's reputation. Consider using review monitoring tools or services to streamline this process and stay up-to-date with your practice's online presence.


Flag or report

Maintains the integrity of the review platform and protect the practice's reputation

Report the suspicious review on the platform, providing evidence and reasoning to support the claim of it being fake.

Respond professionally

Demonstrates commitment to client satisfaction and transparency, even with suspected fake reviews

"We're unable to verify your experience with our practice. However, we take all feedback seriously and would like to address your concerns."

Encourage genuine reviews

Counteracts fake reviews by promoting authentic positive feedback

"To our valued clients, we appreciate your honest feedback. If you've had a great experience with us, please consider leaving a review."

Monitor Regularly

Identifies and addresses  fake reviews promptly, minimizing their impact on your practice's reputation.

A plastic surgeon uses a review monitoring tool to receive notifications when new reviews are posted. This allows them to quickly spot and address any suspected fake reviews, ensuring they can address it swiftly.

Still Not Sure Where to Start?

If you know your online reputation needs some work, especially in the review category, we can help get you to where you need to be. Give us a call at (800) 949-0133 or schedule a one-on-one. Our Incredible Educators are here to help you, anytime, for free.