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Design Trends for Medical Practices in 2020

Published on
January 3, 2020
Last Updated
minute read
Jason Sievert
Jason Sievert
Head of Marketing
/ Founder

The start of a new decade is often a signal for fresh thinking and novel approaches – especially in the ever-evolving world of graphic design. So as we move into the 2020s, what are some of the top emerging, continuing, and evolving design trends in the medical marketing field?

1. Monochromatic color effect on pictures

Duotone (two colors) filters were a huge trend back in 2017, since that time it’s evolved into an even more simplified version. A monochrome (one color) filter is widely used on photos or partial elements in graphic composition.

2. Gradients

For the third year in a row, gradients are going to be a major trend in the graphic design world. They’re a way to enhance flat designs, add a color overlay to photos, and add texture to backgrounds

3. Unconventional typography

Artistic typography will be a major trend and a sure shot way to grab your viewer’s attention. These can be features like beautiful flowers, geometric shapes, and other creative elements. Maxi typography is also becoming a big trend in design. This is essentially the art of maximizing text and incorporating it into your designs such as thickening fonts, bleeding words off the page, splitting letters into multiple lines, and more. Some other trending styles of topography are semitransparency with words overlapping each other and creating 3D objects from the text.

4. Combining photos and graphics together

Combining real-life imagery and graphic art can help to achieve a much more vibrant and lively composition as well as giving the whole image a more personalized look and feel. It’s a unique way of bringing character to a traditional photo.

5. Image and text masking

Image and text masking certainly isn’t anything new, but it’s still trending due to the many new and creative ways to mask designs. It’s a great way to make your design mysterious and minimalistic looking at the same time.

6. Line art

The trend of outline typography and visual elements has been highly popularized over the last couple of years. However, it’s now evolving into fully illustrated and animated line art patterns and designs.

7. Patterns and textures

Patterns and textures by themselves have been a trend and will continue to be for a while. A new trend in 2020 will take it to the next level by combining several patterns in one design or sections of cohesive patterns that cover the entire canvas.

8. Branded animations

Creating a branded animation that is unique to your company is becoming a huge trend in the competitive graphic design world. It’s becoming ever more important because nobody can replicate it and it builds a strong brand association.

9. Geometric designs and liquids

Using plain geometric shapes is still one of the leading trends in the field for 2020. However, as opposed to geometric shapes that have strictly fixed edges, liquid shapes suggest creativity, agility, and movement. Leaving out the edges helps achieve a smooth, soft look and is often combined with other effects such as semi-transparency, bright colors, gradients, and animations.